Nicholas is a Referee in Wayne County Circuit Court’s Family Division where he handles an extremely busy docket dealing with cases of serious child abuse and neglect and also criminal matters involving juveniles. In his more than 10 years as a jurist Nicholas has presided over hundreds of trials in Wayne County Circuit Court and is faced on a daily basis with making important decisions that impact the lives of some of Wayne County’s citizens. He has seen the impact the decisions the court makes have on the lives of the parties and he takes that responsibility extremely serious.

Nicholas also served as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Wayne County where he handled a wide range of misdemeanor and felony matters throughout Wayne County. It is experience like this that has earned him the endorsement from many judges.

  • Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy
  • Judge Michael Hatty
  • Judge Prentis Edwards Jr.
  • Judge Frank Szymanski
  • Judge Julie McDonald
  • Judge David Allen
  • Judge Jake Cunningham
  • Judge Victoria Valentine
  • Judge Dana Hathaway
  • Judge Bridget Hathaway
  • Judge David Groner
  • Judge Paul Cusick
  • Judge Larry Williams
  • Judge Aaliyah Sabree
  • Judge Jerome Cavanagh
  • Judge Lynn Pierce
  • Judge Jim Chylinski
  • Judge Karen Braxton
  • Judge Alexis Krot
  • Judge Thomas Hathaway
  • Judge Mark Somers
  • Judge Greg Bill
  • Judge Helal Farhat
  • Judge Adel Harb
  • Judge Ed Ewell
  • Judge Qiana Lillard
  • Judge Alexis Glendening
  • Judge Kevin Cox
  • Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree
  • Grosse Pointe Democratic Club
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